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Understanding Bronchitis And Its Effects}

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Understanding Bronchitis And Its Effects


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The Causes Of Bronchitis

Bronchitis is a condition in which you can have an illness that is both infectious and one that is non-infectious. In most cases, it is a virus that causes bronchitis to happen. This virus is generally the same type that causes a common cold to happen in most people.

On the other hand, bronchitis can also be a condition that is caused by the pollutants in the air that you breathe including from cigarette smoke. Smog and chemicals that are used to clean with are additional causes for bronchitis.

Another cause of bronchitis happens because of the acids that are normally found in your stomach backing up, literally, up into your gastroesophageal track. This is sometimes called GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Some people that work in conditions that are not favourable for good, clean breathing also develop bronchitis. This type of bronchitis is known as an occupational bronchitis in which case the pollutants including dusts and/or fumes get into the breathing airways and cause illness.

Usually, when the person stops working there, or improves the breathing circumstances, their bronchitis symptoms also improve and often the irritation will stop.

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The causes of chronic bronchitis are often a bit more drastic. If you have this condition, the walls of your bronchial tubes have become thickened and they are inflamed to such a degree that it is considered nearly permanent. When this happens, chronic bronchitis is evident.

Most with this condition must cough at least some time during each day to clear their throat.

Seeking A Doctors Help For Bronchitis

Depending on the type of bronchitis that you have and its severity determines if you should seek help from a doctor for it. Weve talked about when you need to seek a doctors help in the last chapter. But, what happens when you go to visit your doctor?

To determine if you have bronchitis, your doctor will likely listen to your chest. This helps him to determine what is happening inside by listening for mucus build ups. In addition, he or she may also do a chest x-ray which will show the inflamed and enlarged air passageways that are likely the problem.

Some doctors will also want a sample of the mucus to determine what type and how much bacteria are in your system. The sample will consider the amount of bacteria found in the sputum when you cough.

Those that are suffering from chronic bronchitis are likely to have additional testing to insure that that is what you are suffering from.

The doctor will do a series of tests that will take into account your symptoms for conditions such as asthma and emphysema. To do this, a pulmonary function test which is also called a PFT will be used. During this test, you are told to blow into a device which is called a spirometer. This determines how much volume of air your lungs have after you take a deep breath and have blown it out.

The test is simple and takes just a minute to perform. It causes you no pain at all. If you are diagnosised with it, the next step will be to treat it, and if treatment is even needed in your case. Doctors will determine the level of severity as well as the likeliness of treatment that you need.

What Can Happen If You Dont Get Treatment

Although for most people bronchitis does not lead to anything more than a few days in bed and perhaps a bit of weight loss, for some it can lead to problems and complications that can span a lifetime.

Acute bronchitis is the least likely to do this. This is the type of bronchitis that follows a cold or other respiratory condition and usually requires very little to not prescription medication or even a doctors visit. Yet, this is not the only type that should be considered.

In some people who are more prone to difficulties from illnesses, one single case of bronchitis, even acute bronchitis can lead to complications. For example, in some older people, this type of bronchitis can lead to pneumonia.

Those that have additional health concerns such as those that are smokers can also get to this point. In addition, infants and the elderly have naturally weaker immune systems and they too are more likely to experience problems with complications.

For some individuals, bronchitis happens often. This is what is called chronic bronchitis. In these individuals, the bronchitis may not go away, but may lessen in its severity. When this happens, individuals need to be aware of it and seek the help thats needed as soon as possible.

Chronic bronchitis is a serious health condition that can lead to or even tell you that there is something else wrong with the body.

For example, chronic bronchitis can be an indication that you are suffering from asthma or lung disorders. In fact, those that do suffer from chronic bronchitis are more likely to end up with lung cancer than those that do not. Lung cancer is one of the leaders in death among people that smoke for long periods of time.

These things can cause you to feel sick all of the time. That lessens your quality of life and makes you emotionally drained at the same time. Although this is only an additional part of the condition to deal with, it still bothers people enough to make a difference.

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Understanding Bronchitis And Its Effects

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